-Accounts Receivable Financing

-Purchase Order Financing

-Equipment Leasing

-Government Contract Financing

-Invoice Factoring

-Mobilization Funding

-Payroll Funding

A Typical Client:

  • sells products or services to other businesses or government
  • is anywhere in the US
  • needs a financing facility from $25,000 to $10 million
  • has collateral, such as accounts receivable, purchase orders, inventory, or equipment
  • may be in rapid growth mode
  • may be marginally profitable or losing money
  • may have a weak balance sheet
  • could be in, or emerging from bankruptcy
  • may have a challenged credit history
  • might have tax liens
  • is unable to obtain bank financing or has maxed out their bank line of credit
  • has commercial accounts receivable
  • needs capital fast
  • wants to establish a relationship with a knowledgeable and flexible lender

Client Benefits

  • Credit profile challenges, such as bad or limited history, tax liens, bankruptcy, and balance sheet issues are OK!
  • Fast response time with same day approval and closing in 2-5 days
  • No debt is added to your balance sheet
  • Years in business is a non-issue
  • No maximums for your monthly receivables
  • We’re a direct source of capital, meaning we close, fund, and service in-house
  • Your talk directly with decision makers
  • A dedicated Account Manager to help you
  • Our goal is to nurture and grow your business, until you are able to qualify for bank financing

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